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Atlantic City Blackjack

There are similar rules and blackjack strategy for Multi hand and single hand Atlantic City blackjack. However, certain factors have to be kept in mind while playing the multi hand game, which are that you have less chance of getting the cards which you want to get if you play more hands. If you go by the rules and the strategies provided to you here you may very well be on a winning spree at the online casino blackjack games.

The Atlantic City Blackjack game rules

The rules of the Atlantic City game are rather similar to the original game of blackjack with minor variations to it. What any new player notices first is that this game is played with 8 decks of regular playing cards and is a game which is a hole card one and is American. The game varies from the European Blackjack game in which the dealer has just a single card at the start of the game and cannot check for a blackjack. Here the blackjack strategyis that incase you doubled and the black jack happened to be with the dealer you the player would automatically lose the game. In Atlantic City blackjack two cards are given to the dealer and if the one which is facing upwards has a ten value or a high card like an ace then he would look to see if he had the blackjack. Incase this is so then the game is over. In which case the chances of the player loosing a big amount of money are much less.

The Atlantic City game of blackjack which is a variant of the original blackjack and with similar blackjack strategyis played with 8 card decks and a shoe to assist in the game. The dealer would have to stand on a soft 17 while you the player could double on the initial two cards. What the player aims at is to beat the dealer's hand by getting as close to 21 as he can while the dealer does not get busted.


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