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Terms of Service

You have to obey all terms and condition of our site. We want to provide all excellent features for accessing our product related to the interactive poker or gambling. We ensure you that we will not spoil your happiness and fun on gaming by bad behavior or cheating. You have to take all your action according to the rules. All disputes will resolve by Poker Room management and some where you may help us while install yourself as Poker Room client.


When using this agreement the words and terms in next have the meanings where as the meaning of the context indicate somewhere else.

Subjects of agreement

In fact the agreement lies between us for using the poker room or play only for fun or real money game. In "house rules" section contains the game rule and briefly discuss about it similar to the other parts of the website. These rules are about how to play, events, tournaments, rules of the particular games which are incorporated here.


  1. You are permitted to get into the website and use if you have enough aged to get into according to the country law.
  2. If you are not cross 18 then you are not permitted to get inside it in any case.
  3. There some legal authority or jurisdictions does not support the legality gambling as well as online gambling. It is not our plan to propose someone to use it where gambling is illegal as well as regards it as crime. So online gambling is also illegal for those countries. The availability of this site on that place is strictly prohibited and we do not accept any person as our client wherever it's prohibited. Whenever any person apples for joining on our site then its void our applicable law. We take our responsibilities to justify the applicable person and it's legal on applicators country.

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