European Blackjack

A game which is popular and played across Europe in Casinos is the European Blackjack. People play it live at casino and also online. In this game the dealer is the opponent against whom the game is played and the main aim is to beat the hand of the dealer without coming below 21 as a total. The value of cards which have faces and the tens all have a value of ten each. The ace however is either one point or eleven points. The cards with numbers are valued at the number.

Rules of the European Blackjack

There are some specific rules which pertain to this game. Some of the rules for European Blackjack are that 3:2 is the blackjack pay out; valued cards may be split equally between players; this can happen just once; the game is played with 2 decks and several other rules. For those who are beginners at the game it is best to get to know it by playing online first. Once you familiarize yourself with the rules and get to know more about the European Blackjackstrategies you can start playing at casinos for money.

How to Create a Blackjack Strategy in September 2023

The best way to start out is to use the basic kind of strategy of the game. This is the initial method of playing the game. A chart was made to show which was the best strategy to use while playing European Blackjack with simulations and mathematics. The other way is to use card counting, but all this takes some practice and experience before one can put it to use at a casino. In card counting the Hi-lo system for counting is the best. With the help of a chart one can play against the dealer and make sure that you do not make a wrong move which could make you loose to the opponent. Apart from this strategy the card counting one is also a good one. Both do not need too much of intelligence and a person with an average IQ can learn to master the game pretty fast.