Double Exposure

Learning the different strategies of the game makes it more fun and keeps the game interesting. One of the variants which is played at blackjack casinos is the double exposure blackjack. In this game the two first cards of the dealer are put down with the face up. This is what the double exposure is. This makes it an easier game to play as the players are aware of two of the cards and can plan their moves accordingly. However, some more rules make it a fair advantage and give the dealer an opportunity to compensate him too by giving the edge back to the house.

Learn Variations of the Game at Blackjack Casinos Online in September 2023

The best way to pick up the various different ways of playing this game is to play on blackjack casinos online. This allows the player to practice the game without having to pay up his losses which he would have to in an actual casino. Playing online allows a novice to perfect the game and only then venture out into the casinos. The game of double exposure or dealer disclosure blackjack was created by Bob Stupak who used to be an owner of a casino in Las Vegas. Unlike the other games, the player who is gambling will get only the even money. The player here has the advantage of seeing the two cards of the dealer exposed.

Variations of the Game

Another difference in the game is that unlike other games at blackjack casinos this one is played with 8 decks of regular cards and the cards are shuffled after every hand. To play the game practically one can log onto the internet and learn the rules of the game before attempting to play it. Taking a printout to study the game would help one to understand it better. There are several different games of Blackjack like the Atlantic City game, the European game and the Double exposure one. The game is played with the dealer hitting on a soft 17. The game is that one has to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. A player is permitted to play just one hand at a time.