Blackjack Basic Rules

A strategy is an integral part of every and any game played by man. Hence, it should be no surprise that blackjack involves strategy. Blackjack strategy is incredibly simple as it only involves the fundamentals of addition and blackjack history. When playing online blackjack not even this is necessary as the computer does all the calculations for the player. Even playing options are made available to the player.

Card Values:

In blackjack all the cards have values. An ace has a value of 11 while a face card has a value of 10. Any number card is valued by the number on it. Suits are of no importance in blackjack. The term a ‘blackjack’ or a ‘natural’ corresponds to a card worth 10 coupled with an ace which gives a total of 21. This produces a payout of 3:2 that is; a bet worth 10 dollars gathers a prize of 15 dollars. The first and second cards only can produce a blackjack while every other combo produces a 21. These rules apply to both online and regular blackjack.

However, depending on the casino rules will differ as blackjack rules are not set in stone. Only two cards will be dealt to the player each time though. The following plays could be made after considering what has been revealed by the dealer. The dealer has one card facing down till the end. Every player should be ready with their own number where they will take cards (hit) and then stay.

The dealer remains at 17 or more and will hit till they reach 17. Knowing this, the best blackjack strategy for beginners is to deal one hand for the dealer and the other for the player. One player can play against the person who deals and once they decide to stay they flip the dealers covered card.

The Charlie Rule:

This rule exists in certain casinos and involves a winning situation for the player if he maintains cards of a particular number without going bust. The commonest Charlie is the Charlie with five cards which involves a hand of 5 cards with an amount smaller than 21. This version of the Charlie rule tips the scales in favor of the player and advantage should be taken when made available immediately.

Online blackjack comes with a helpful chart of blackjack strategy which helps the player play by play. This chart can even be used in most casinos.