Lucky Sevens

If you enjoy playing Blackjack for real money (or for fun), you’ll enjoy this game. This version uses six 52-card decks. You can also bet on three hands at once, but only if you’re 100% sure of your luck. Speculate on seven numbers that you believe will be drawn in the Lucky 7 drawing and write them down. If two of your chosen numbers are drawn from the seven dropped balls, you will be the winner of the game. If only one of your chosen numbers appears in the seven dropped balls, then your wager is a loser, and you forfeit your money.

Lucky Seven is a fast-paced game of competitive solitaire that is played with coasters and relies on chance and point accumulation to succeed. Any number of players can participate, and it is typically played as a single-player game.

Martin H. Samuel created the game while on a business trip in Zürich, Switzerland.


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