Blackjack Book


For a new player who wants to master the art of playing the game of blackjack and its many variations, it would help to go through a blackjack book so that they become familiar with the strategies and rules of the game. This will definitely give them an upper hand in getting to play a good game finally. Given here is a list of books that will help a new player to embark on his blackjack gaming.

Books Which Will Make a Master Player of You

A book which is by Stanford Wong and is titled Professional Blackjack is one the writer’s best on the game. The author introduces a count which is “high low” and with complex numbers on the index for every rule that there is in the game and its variations. However, this book is for players who have already participated in several games and would now like to start out on card counting.

Another author whose book gives a lot of strategies is Lawrence Revere. However, this book is a bit dated and there are several others that have come in later on. The book is easy on a learner as the coloured tables are easier to memorize.

Ben Mezrich’s book titled “Bringing Down the House” is good for card counting and also makes for enjoyable reading. Other books which a blackjack enthusiast can enjoy reading and from which they can pick up a lot of information are Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong which s for players in Asia and Europe; Arnold Sunder’s Big Book of Blackjack, Arnold Snyder’s Blackbelt in Blackjack and many others which can be found on the internet. These books can be found online and even bought off so that you can improve your knowledge and playing strategies. To own a blackjack book is to be on the way to mastering the game.