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Card Counting

Though it is considered that card countingcan swing the odds to favor a player in Blackjack, it is now something which is not in vogue. This is a practice which is considered to be old school as it was beneficial when backroom parlors and casinos used just a single deck or two decks of cards. Players now have 6 to 8 decks to deal with. To become a master at counting cards will take a lot of practice as one has to learn the knack of doing it without being detected.

What is the purpose of card counting?

Values are given to the various cards in a pack or deck of 52 with which the player can keep a count for the particular deck and this is what helps in betting for the game. Card counting is particularly useful kind of blackjack strategy in the game of Black jack. The system of card counting will have to be learnt before a layer embarks on it. There are various systems which are used and one which is popular is the Hi-Lo count. It is also one which is good for beginners to start with.

Applying card counting to a game

Once the player masters the card counting system he can apply it to the game and to his betting. Most often a player can pick up the system while he watches others at the game and this is what gives him practical knowledge and makes it easy to follow in his own game later. A player would need sufficient practice to become adept at card counting and this will not happen with just a few games.

The method of card counting can be quite confusing and especially so in the game of Blackjack where up to 8 decks are used. After the cards have been shuffled the deck is cut and the cards are dealt, it is during this time that the player has to estimate the number of decks remaining in the shoe or the plastic holder which holds the cards. Only after a player has mastered the skill of card counting can he be adept enough to play at a casino.


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